Meet Coach Tom

Meet Coach Tom! Tom absolutely loves what he does and you can see that right away in his coaching. He’s always looking for ways to improve himself and his craft, which is a wonderful and refreshing trait in our profession. Here’s his CrossFit journey in his own words!

Looks like it’s my turn for an introductory blog post – my name is Tom Cuff; I’m a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, an engineer, and one of the coaches here at Masá CrossFit.

My journey to fitness (and eventually here at Masá) started when I was about 16 and I did my first P90X workout in my parents attic. I weighed about 135 lbs soaking wet, and struggled through an hour of push ups and pull ups with my foot on a chair (I couldn’t do pull ups yet). The next day, my chest was sore and I remember thinking “I didn’t know that was a place you can get sore.” I was hooked. I even remember telling my mom at one point I wanted to be Tony Horton when I grew up.

I eventually found CrossFit after I started my first job out of college and fell in love instantly. I loved the variety of weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance work. I loved being able to measure your progress, repeat workouts, and that everything was scalable for anybody. My goal for fitness was always to be able to do a handstand when I’m 60, and CrossFit struck me as the best way to stay functional enough to do so. It only took about 6 months for the owner of that gym to ask if I had ever thought of being a coach. I bought my ticket for the CrossFit Level 1 course that night in July of 2017.

I started coaching a few hours a week at that gym, and I was in love with it. Don’t get me wrong- my coaching was absolutely cringeworthy in the beginning (think Season 1 Michael Scott cringy), but I was obsessed with getting better. I absolutely loved the opportunity to give people the best hour of their day- and to make a class really fun and effective, you have to know what you’re doing. An effective class where people are challenged and get better is the foundation on which you can build the fun stuff- games, dad jokes, and ripping on your new friends. So I was 100% focused on building that foundation, on my skills as a coach so I could bring the fun on top of the value, just like Tony Horton.

About a year into coaching I met Itamar through some mutual friends while working out together at a high school track. I was struggling to get handstand walks at the time, and after watching me take two attempts that each lasted about 4 seconds (my usual) he casually said “point your toes.” I kicked up, pointed my toes, and proceeded to walk about 2 feet forward on my hands. After the shock of my best handstand walk ever wore off, I thought to myself “this guy is f**king good.”

Here we are after almost 4 years of coaching, and I couldn’t be happier to be here coaching at Masá. This place embodies the essence of what makes CrossFit so great- in that you can’t quite articulate it; all you know is that you love and feel loved by all the people there, and you can’t wait to come back tomorrow.


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