Meet Coach Rachel!

Meet Coach Rachel! She’s the newest addition to the Masá coaching staff and we are so lucky she found us! Taking Rachel’s class is like being coached by a ray of sunshine. Plus you’re in for one of her famous “questions of the day”!

My name is Rachel Powell I am a Level 2 Crossfit Coach and I am new to Masá Crossfit and the coaching staff. My journey to Masá is made up of three parts: my personal Crossfit journey, my journey to becoming a coach, and my journey to Long Island and finding Masá Crossfit. Let me tell you a little bit about how I got here.


I took my first Crossfit class in December of 2014 after a recommendation from a personal trainer I had been working with. My first “real” workout outside of the fundamentals program was “Filthy Fifty.” I remember having to scale many of the movements, having someone help me with a box so I could reach the pull up bar, and having a great time. 

I’d say at that point, I felt like I found something great. I loved being involved with a group of people, making new friends, and feeling stronger! Growing up, I had always been involved with sports and had been a part of a team. Crossfit was what was missing from my life at the time and I didn’t know it until I “drank the Kool-Aid.”. This first year of Crossfit pushed me to be stronger and I felt like it even made me a better math teacher (my job at the time)! 


I was enjoying taking Crossfit classes so much that it was only natural that I worked towards coaching (teaching) it. I signed up, attended, and passed my Level 1 Course in August of 2015 (on LONG ISLAND.. Foreshadowing much?!)! I had this shiny new certificate but nowhere to coach, yet. Two years later, I found myself looking for a new gym in a new city and as the legend has it, I walked over to the gym and went inside. Turned out all of the important people where there and they were looking for a coach just as much as I was looking for a gym. They set me up with a 3-month internship opportunity (specifically in the fundamentals program) with a coach, and then I was on my merry way to coaching my very own classes!  

I learned so much in that time coaching my first classes and interning under another coach. These weren’t my best coaching moments, but I continued to get better, make improvements, and learned from other coaches around me. Similar to teaching math every member at the gym needs to work at their own pace, needs their own cues, and requires a different approach. I found many new members lacked confidence (often when they shouldn’t), and everyone was a little timid about “Crossfit.” Maybe that’s what made me love teaching it even more? Watching these members gain confidence and transform was incredible. I loved seeing the impact that Crossfit had on them and I wanted to continue to help people in this way.
Fast forward to February 2019, I was still coaching at the same gym and I decided it was time to level up. I earned my Crossfit Level 2; I was eager to put myself out there and make myself a better coach. I wanted to continue to impact those around me and help people move properly. After that weekend, I got back into the gym and was ready to share what I had learned. I continued to take seminars and strive for better movement for myself and others in the months leading up to COVID.

This is where my journey became more of a challenge. I coached my last in person class the Monday before everything shut down due to COVID-19. When my gym closed, I did everything I could to continue to help members. Zoom workouts, creating bumpin’ playlists, and even coaching members through their headphones in running workouts (which was honestly more amazing than I could have realized). I am proud of what I was able to accomplish as a coach at that time, and I know that members appreciated the support they didn’t realize they needed at the time. It wasn’t until the following March I was able to get back on the gym floor and I appreciated it more than ever.

Fast forward to June of 2021, I was leaving my gym and leaving my home state of New Jersey. I left a math teaching job I had been at since I graduated college, I left a city that I had lived in for a number of years, I left my family back in Jersey, and I left my Hoboken box that I had been a member at and started my coaching career at. It was A LOT of change in a short period of time. 


I was eager to find a new gym when I finally made my move to Long Island. I was hoping for friendship and movement. I was hoping for great coaching, a community that was welcoming, and some great programming. I have to be honest, I tried a few and I knew quickly where my new home was going to be.

When I went to my first class, I was greeted by Taylor. She assured me I was in good hands and made me feel comfortable (For the record: I don’t care how much Crossfit experience you have, it can be intimidating and scary dropping into a class somewhere else!). I could see how much the community was valued here, with the simple fact that she was understanding of everyone arriving late to class that day because of an accident on one of the roads causing insane traffic.

For those of you that don’t realize, Masá is a special place. It’s something you can’t really put into words and is just a feeling when you come into the gym. What Itamar and Taylor have created is a safe space to become better versions of ourselves and still have fun. This is exactly what attracted me to Crossfit in the first place, and I know that this is the place for me.

If you have the opportunity to take my class, you can always expect a Question of the Day. My Question of the Day for you today (if you’ve made it this far) is: “What’s your favorite Masá Crossfit memory?” If you see me on the gym floor, I’d love to hear about it! I can’t wait to learn more about each and every member and how I can support you to be a better, healthier version of yourself.

I am beyond grateful and excited to be a part of this community.


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